"I have been wanting to do a session like this for a while after seeing how amazing all those woman look in the photos. I contacted Sarah a while back about a session, but I chickened out. Then she came to Minot and I was going to do it but all the spots filled up, so I just figured this wasn’t meant for me to do! Then a couple days later a few sessions opened so I stopped being scared and I just did it.

The day of my session I was extremely nervous and honestly didn’t know what to expect or think. I met at Rachel’s house to get my hair and makeup done and I truly have never felt more pretty ever in my life than I did when I left her house. I arrived at Sarah’s studio and honestly I was scared to take my clothes off and put on the lingerie but she made me feel so comfortable just standing there half naked in front of her. The first couple poses I felt a little awkward just because I have never posed like that, but by the next couple poses I felt confident. At the end of my session she asked me if I wanted to do a completely nude shoot for a couple pics and before my session I would have said absolutely not, but I wasn’t scared to stand there completely naked. When I left the session I felt so confident in myself because during the whole photo shoot, Sarah never failed to keep telling me how beautiful I was and how good I looked.

When I met her at the studio a couple days later I seriously could barely sit because I was so excited to see the pictures! She started the slide show and I was truly amazed at the photos she was showing me. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the fact that the girl in those pictures was me. Each and every single picture was so beautiful and it showed off a different part of my body that I used to critique and make myself hate. After the photo shoot and seeing the photos I can truly say it has changed the way I view myself.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have seriously changed my life. ❤️"


"A boudoir photo shoot is something I never thought I’d consider, but after seeing Sarah’s work and reading testimonials from other women it was something I started looking in to. It was about a year ago I thought about booking with Sarah but I was going through some personal struggles at the time and never booked. When she said she was coming back to Minot this year I instantly decided to schedule a session.

I was so nervous from the day I booked until I sat in that makeup chair. Being around Sarah and Rachel Dostert that morning instantly calmed me. I felt so comfortable around them both and Rachel did an amazing job on my makeup. I felt like a million bucks. Sarah was so welcoming when I got to the studio and made the whole experience so much fun! She is so talented at what she does and knows how to make a woman feel confident.

I was so excited to see my photos but also a bit nervous, not knowing if I’d “look good” in them. I was absolutely blown away when I saw my photos. It made me look and think about myself and my body in a whole different way. I had to take a double take at times and say, “is that really me/my body?” I highly recommend all women do a boudoir shoot, whether it be for your significant other or just for yourself. A shoot with Sarah will make you feel beautiful, confident and sexy! Who doesn’t want to feel like that!?

Thank you so much Sarah. It was an amazing experience and I am blow away by all of your work."

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