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what’s up girlfriend?

If you don’t know my face, here it is. I am a traveling boudoir photographer working with all the women.

I do my best to keep my images classy, clean, with a touch of sauciness to them. I want my clients to see how freaking beautiful they are and how breathtaking their bodies really are. To me it has nothing to do about looking "sexy", it has everything to do with my clients walking out the door feeling the most confident they've ever felt.


“I’ve wanted to see my body I’ve hated my whole life in a different light. It was a therapeutic experience and I can’t thank Sarah enough for giving this to me. A sense of power and beauty I’ve never known.”

“What Sarah has woke up in me, is indescribable.”

“I can’t even explain to you the person I became after my boudoir session with Sarah, I feel like a whole new confident me has come out of hiding. I look at myself in a totally different way and instead of seeing every little flaw on me, I just see all these amazing things about myself that make me feel so amazing.”

“Treat yo selves ladies, every girl needs an experience like this.”

“Just started crying when I got to my car. I felt so incredible during the shoot and now I just feel like a Foxy Queen after seeing all the edits! Just dying! Can not WAIT until we do this again!”

The actual timeline of your session:

Ready for this? Here’s how it goes down:

  • The second after you book your session you will be receiving a “How to Prep Guide” to your e-mail to get yourself ready for your session.

  • 3-4 weeks prior to your session we will have our 25 minute phone consult where we will chat about your session and if you have any ideas or questions for me, this will be the time to ask away.

  • The day prior to your session I will be texting you and making sure you are all ready to go,; nerves are totally expected.

  • On the day of your session, you will show up at my stylists’ location with a completely bare face & your hair completely dry and prepped for styling.

  • My stylist then works her magic and makes you look and feel unstoppable.

  • You drive to my studio and walk inside.

  • I look over all of your lingerie and bring any from my client closet that we need and I will help you choose which pieces you should wear.

  • Once we start shooting, I will pose you from head to toe, as well as your facial expressions.

  • After photographing you in 4 pieces of lingerie we wrap it up with some implied nudes (I know what you are thinking, and I can bet by the time we are done with that fourth piece of lingerie you will be ready to rock those implied nude shots; ask any of my previous clients! But just for the record, I will NEVER make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and if implied nudes is one of them, no need to worry we will just do a fifth lingerie outfit.)

  • A week later after your session you will come back to my studio and view your lightly edited images for the first time and choose what you want to do with them all!

  • After you have chosen your products and paid for them in full, I will finish editing them completely (removing blemishes, scars, bruises, etc.), and your products will be to you in 4 weeks.







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