what’s up girlfriend?

If you don’t know my face, here it is. I am a traveling boudoir photographer working with all the women.

I will be the first to say, I would never call myself “sexy”. I know, I know; “you are a boudoir photographer, how are you not sexy??” Well, I only own 2 pieces of lingerie, and I legit got them less than 3 months ago. What I will say, is I flipping love posing women to flatter their bodies like no other. Give me any woman and I will make her look flipping fab.


The Details::

For your boudoir session you can expect a day of pampering! We start your session off with complimentary makeup & hair from my stylist. Once your session begins, I will pose you from head to toe and show you what I want for your facial expressions. Nerves are completely normal, and even expected, but I can promise you they will fade away quickly.

To book your own session, a $400 session fee is due. Your session fee includes a pre-consultation where we will go over your ideas and any other questions you may have before your shoot, the location of your session, complimentary hair & makeup from my stylist, full access to my client lingerie closet, the session itself which takes about 1.5 hours, and your view & design appointment where we will go over your images from your session and then decide which products you would like to purchase! To see my full prices & products, see the Investment Page. When you are ready to book your own boudoir session, click “Book Now” at the top of the page.

*prices are subject to change







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